One emotional season of the year is the holiday season. It is filled with relatives you do not engage with normally, booze, and food. Several of these factors alone are enough to make a person feel they have to smoke a joint.  

Getting super high may be a bad and stressful move if you are smoking and hiding it from your family members. 

Though each family is not the same, nobody enjoys being extremely high and having family members asking them about the people they are dating or their jobs.  

If you’ve purchased cannabis online for the holidays, here are several things you can do to come down from that high as fast as you can: 

Prepare to Act 

Almost every individual will not notice anything if you are super cautious. Thus, you have to try to keep your cool and remind yourself that nobody knows how high you are right now. You can simply chalk it up to weed-induced paranoia if you believe one of your relatives is asking you a lot of questions or is looking at you weird. Staying calm and reminding yourself that this is not permanent is the ideal thing you can do at that moment.  

Distract Yourself 

You can help yourself feel more in control and grounded in your sense if you do an activity that needs some concentration. Try talking to a relative or friend you trust, eat a couple of delicious meals without appearing gluttonous, play a video game, or watch some light TV. You should keep your talking to a minimum if you are surrounded by relatives. This is the ideal move to not blow your cover. You should be fine if you simply stick to basic questions when asking people. 

Take a Shower 

You should do it if you can make an immediate escape and take a shower. A fast shower can help distract yourself from your high and can help you relax. 

Go for a Stroll 

Perhaps it is time to go outside if you are extremely high and can hardly talk. It can do wonders for you if you will have some fresh air and a change of scenery. In addition to that, it is an excellent way to stop relatives from giving you weird looks. You can try to go for a stroll with a friend or relative you can count on and who understand what is going on with you.  

Drink a lot of Water 

It might appear basic. However, when it comes to handling an extremely severe high, water is extremely crucial. This is particularly true if you are the type of individual who gets cottonmouth. To keep you from getting higher than you already are, you should drink cold water. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages. You should also ensure you hold on to that drink. Take sips periodically and refill it when it’s empty. This will help you feel grounded. It might also help if you eat something. Simply make sure they are not edibles.