When can you finally tell that you have found the ideal home to stay? It can be a strong tug of feeling after being reminded of another place where you felt happy or it can be a little subtler than that. To give you some hints, here are some of them: 


You start imagining the arrangement of your furniture in it 

As you walk into the master’s bedroom and you can imagine that your bed is against a specific wall right away, then this might be the house for you. If you see yourself contemplating which items you should place in every corner of that house, then consider it sold by you. Plus, having the urge to get to know more about your potential neighbors is also one of the signs that you’re ready to live there.  

You feel defensive about the house 

Perhaps your real mortgage broker in Winnipeg discusses with you some flaw about the home that you should reconsider, one of the indicators that you’ve fallen for the house is when you see yourself being defensive about these things to the point that it looks like the home is already yours. You just have to remember how hard it would be to repair such flaws when you ultimately discover that you cannot live with them.  

You don’t feel uncomfortable in the bathroom 

Some buyers would feel funny near a bathroom sometimes to a point that they wouldn’t want to walk into a room. In these instances, property prospect buyers would just poke their heads for one minute, grab the door frame, and just stand outside the room. But, if you can walk into the bathroom and feel the urge to stroke the vanity marble, open the shower door, and more, then consider it as your home right away. 

The home welcomes you as soon as you enter 

After entering a particular house, you will eventually know approximately 3 seconds if it feels comforting and warm. Does it seem like home? Does it feel like speaking to you? Does it make you want to discover what lies within the place? If so, perhaps it is. 

You are excited to go inside a home 

Part of the thrill of searching for houses is not knowing which can be your new house as you stop at the curb. After checking the exterior of the homes and you found out that you find the house on the left more enticing and striking compared to the other one, then take that as a sign. It means that there’s something about this particular place that appeals to you. After all, first impressions are everything.  

It mostly ticks the important boxes 

The property might not have each amenity on your list of wants, but it can meet your fundamental needs. A decent home should have sufficient space and a number of rooms that are perfect for your family. If not, you’re willing to make changes and to compromise. If this is the case, then you are in the right place.